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Metal Roofing – What is it?


The standing seam metal roof has never been better! We install all-aluminum, technologically-innovative vertical panels, which interlock at the seam. This roofing is coated with an exclusive paint system that forms a barrier to any weather. It is more beautiful than any other vertical metal roofing. This durable and attractive roof is perfect on homes or commercial property.

The look is classic. It can give a home that “Key West” tropical charm. Seamed metal is perfect for replicating the old tin roofs on a turn-of-the-century home – on a rounded spire or a gable. The look is completely modern or perfectly historic. Seamed metal gives a commercial building a very professional appearance, and our products feature a color selection that add class to any business exterior. This may be one of the most adaptable roofs available! It can be installed atop many existing roofs.


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